Signed the supply agreement for 2019 for water and non-alcoholic beverage

Bardiani-CSF welcomes Acqua San Benedetto as official partner for the 2019 season. The agreement signed between the #GreenTeam and the Italian Group provides the supply of non-alcoholic beverage such as natural water, water sparkling, lemon tea, peach tea and Allegra Zero to face the integration of liquids during and after the races.

Founded in 1956, Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A. is present in one hundred countries on five continents and is the leading non-alcoholic beverage group in Italy (Source: GlobalData, 2018, Data 2017). A “total”, multi-specialist and multi-channel company, San Benedetto successfully operates in all segments of the reference market, from mineral water to added water, carbonated soft drinks, tea and products for children from sports drinks to tonic waters, to drinks flat-based juice and aperitifs.

Through sport, San Benedetto spreads and supports the culture of a healthy lifestyle, based on those values ​​at the base of every discipline in which the same company is reflected: the health and well-being of every person. Hence the choice to combine its brand with that of #GreenTeam. For Bardiani-CSF the inclusion among its partners of a solid and appreciated group like San Benedetto is a reason for great satisfaction.