Productive week for the #GreenTeam riders in Calp

The first week of training camp for Bardiani-CSF in Calp (Spain) ha sgone. Thanks to a mild climate and good weather conditions, the seventeen riders were able to pedal smoothly on the ups and downs roads of the Costa Blanca. Coach Claudio Cucinotta led them along with team directors Stefano Zanatta, Roberto Reverberi and Mirco Rossato. Also present Bruno Reverberi, who wanted to be close to the “his” guys in this important phase of the season.

“The team has been divided into two groups, one with the fastest riders and the other with those who have better climbing skills” explained Cucinotta. “The program has included two blocks of three days of loading, followed by a discharge, with the inclusion of a test, on the third day, to check the general condition of each rider”.

“We have done training of strength, distance and aerobic power, with high-intensity rides. It’s a kind of model training for our programs, which we will also repeat in the next seven days. The training camp is useful to see all the riders, to evaluate them but also to educate them, especially the young ones, on the bases of a good training when they are at home ”

.In addition to the athletic training, Bardiani-CSF has also scheduled two days with mental coach Omar Beltran, who followed the group to provide the basics on the importance of a correct mental recovery and management of the emotional load inherent sports competition.