The #GreenTeam 2020 Roster has already been completed and the team is now glad to announce the first pillar of a brand new image for the 2020 season: the new logo.

As already announced for the sportive season 2020 a new partner will join the team, that will change his denomination in: Bardiani – CSF – Faizanè.


Three main innovations have been realized. First of all the new third name, Faizanè, find his new placement together with the historical sponsors Bardiani & CSF. The second important innovation is the double ellipse, inspired from the bicycle wheels, that has been doubled. From a color point of view, that is the third innovation, the introduction of the cyclamen as main color, together with the confirmed green, that remains strongly linked to the team values, representing a young, dynamic and Italian team. 

New colors to look forward to the future, matched together with the historical green to maintain the link with the pst.

The logo has been designed in collaboration with Gabriele Reverberi Design.