The sporting project of the #GreenTeam was born in 2013, when Bardiani Valvole and CSF Inox became the title sponsors of the longest cycling cycling team in the world, the one created and managed by Bruno and Roberto Reverberi.At the base of the choice there is a precise idea with a strong identity: invest in a team composed exclusively of Italian riders and able to stand out as a hotbed of young talents.
Since its creation the Bardiani-CSF has been the youngest professional team in the world, gaining year after year recognition and prestige from fans and cycling stakeholders.
Thanks to the great results achieved, both sports and image, Bardiani Valvole and CSF Inox have decided to extend their efforts until 2018 and to sign an option until 2020.

The #GreenTeam project, innovative and distinctive in modern cycling, for Bruno Reverberi means to put the seal on a 36-year history.
The #GreenTeam project, in fact, has its roots back in 1982, when Reverberi created his first team, Termolan-Galli, in which Davide Cassani became a professional.
The current Italian team director was only the first of a long list of Italian talents launched by Reverberi that includes, above all, Petacchi, Guidi, Conti, Guerini, Zanini and, in recent times, Ciccone, Colbrelli, Modolo, Pozzovivo, Brambilla, Battaglin and Canola.

In addition to the debut in professional cycling, 1982 was the first presence of a Reverberi team at the Giro d’Italia.Year after year, the experience in the grand tour continued uninterruptedly until 2009, the only exception, and resumed the following year until today.

In 36 editions of the Corsa Rosa the teams of Reverberi have achieved 27 stage successes and conquered six jerseys (young, three times mountain, with points and intergiro)With the launch of Pro Team Bardiani-CSF and #GreenTeam project, since 2013 the team has also stood out for being the youngest team at the start, demonstrating the validity and strength of the sports project.