With less than two weeks from the Great Start in Bologna, the #GreenTeam has chosen the riders for the most important race of its the season

Bardiani-CSF is ready to face the 102nd edition of Giro d’Italia. After the last races, Tour of the Alps and Giro dell’Appennino, the #GreenTeam management has made its choices and outlined the line-up that will take part in the Corsa Rosa, scheduled from May 11 (start from Bologna) to June 2 (grand finale in Verona)

The eight riders selected are Enrico Barbin, Giovanni Carboni, Luca Covili, Mirco Maestri, Umberto Orsini, Lorenzo Rota, Manuel Senni and Paolo Simion. The reserves, ready to take over in case of forfeiture, are (in alphabetical order) Vincenzo Albanese, Daniel Savini and Alessandro Tonelli. Team directors Roberto Reverberi and Stefano Zanatta are the technical guides, assisted by Mirko Rossato.

“A difficult race awaits us, a compelling challenge that we must face with courage and a lot of determination” explained Roberto Reverberi. “Our season so far has not gone as we expected, but we are also convinced that this team still has unexpressed potential. We have built the most balanced roster for this Giro, both in terms of characteristics and age. Now we have a little over ten days to refine the condition. Then, we only have to lower the head and pull out everything we have to pursue the goal of the win “.

Bardiani-CSF’s line-up for the Giro has an average age of 25 and includes three absolute rookies: Giovanni Carboni, Umberto Orsini and neo-professional rider Luca Covili. The latter, born in 1997, is the youngest rider of the team with his 22 years. Enrico Barbin, the #GreenTeam veteran, is instead the most experienced rider both in terms of age (29 years old in March) and number of participations at Giro d’Italia (2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018).

“The Giro is a tough race and our most prestigious stage,” said Stefano Zanatta. “Year after year the competition with World Tour big teams becomes more and more difficult. Numbers in hand, is a challenge like David against Goliath. But as history teaches us feats are always possible. Our race conduct will be marked by the attack, evaluating every day the best way to stand out. We do not have so many calculations to do, except that of energy, to spend intelligently to achieve our goal “.