Paolo Simion was the victim of an accident today in Trevignano (Treviso), just after midday, while he was in training. The Bardiani-CSF rider reported a head injury, which caused him a minor hematoma, but no other fracture. He is admitted to the hospital in Treviso, where he will most likely spend the night under observation.

The incident occurred near a roundabout in the center of the country and the exact dynamics are under investigation. Ocular studies have seen Simion finish ruinously on the ground after hitting the curb of a sidewalk to avoid impact with a car. Immediately rescued by those present (including the driver of the aforementioned car), the Venetian regained consciousness at the arrival of the medical car that immobilized him. After the first positive feedback to the questions of the medical staff, he was transferred helicopter rescue at the hospital in Treviso, more equipped for brain and brain trauma compared to the nearby hospital of Montebelluna.

The tests, including X-rays and a CT scan with skull contrast, excluded serious damage and detected the only hematoma. Despite a three-hour memory blackout, Simion spoke consciously with the parents and the Bardiani-CSF staff. As confirmed by the DS Zanatta, who has reached the hospital, the rider is still a bit ‘stunned but peaceful and quiet.