02.09.2019 · In evidence


Bardiani-CSF Pro Cycling Team is pleased to welcome Faizanè as third title sponsor. The company is one of the most innovative and advanced in the Veneto region, specialized in the production of custom-made technoplastic products for industry and pneumatic systems.

Bruno and Roberto Reverberi, general and team manager of Bardiani-CSF, have signed an agreement with Martino Dal Santo, president of Faizanè, which links the company to the team for the next three seasons, from 2020 to 2022. From January, the official name of the team will be “Bardiani-CSF-Faizanè Pro Cycling Team”.

Bruno Reverberi, General Manager Bardiani-CSF: “It was a long courtship, but we are very satisfied and happy to have Faizanè alongside our historical title sponsors Bardiani and CSF. In recent months there has been a succession of rumors related to our team and the companies that have supported team Nippo-Fantini-Faizanè. For our part, we have worked towards two targets. The first, dedicated to companies that still wanted to invest in cycling, was to offer them a solid reality to rely on and an ambitious sports project to believe in. The second, for the team, was not to give up the Italian nature of the project, carried out with pride and not without difficulties, and to ensure investment to strengthen roster and structure. Both have been fully achieved”.

Martino Dal Santo, President of Faizanè: “Starting the partnership with the Reverberi family was a contemplated and absolutely convinced decision. When Pelosi told us that, at the end of the year, the team would stop its activity, we moved immediately to understand what options we had. My intention, that of my sister Gabriella and my brother Maurizio, was to continue to convey the brand through professional cycling. There was never any doubt about it, but we wanted to make the best choice, carefully assessing the economic commitment and the return of image”.

“When we met Bruno and Roberto Reverberi, a positive mood of discussion was created right from the start. The all-Italian project was the fundamental element from which everything started. We are a proudly Italian company, with over 70% of turnover on the national market: the affinity with the team is very strong. As well as the ambition to build an increasingly solid and ambitious project. We are confident that we are linked to a great team that deserves to be trusted”.

“For us, cycling is an investment in marketing and passion. Our father Pietro introduced us to this beautiful sport and love has grown more and more. Two years ago we started our first pro-cycling sponsorship thinking of him, as if to give him a gift now that he’s gone. Now we don’t want to leave this world anymore. I thank Pelosi and the staff of Nippo-Fantini-Faizanè because they allowed us to live the team as a family. I feel that with Reverberi this feeling will not be interrupted”.


Founded in 1968 by Pietro Dal Santo with his wife Franca Toldo, Faizanè is based in Zanè (Vicenza). In 1988 the company became S.p.A. with the entry into the management of his sons Martino, Gabriella and Maurizio. Since 50 years it’s an innovative, avant-garde and highly technological partner for the production of custom-made industrial products.

Constantly growing since its foundation, Faizanè has never stopped looking to the future to evolve and to be ready for the challenges of the market. A tangible sign of this desire was the construction of the new plant, inaugurated in 2007. A futuristic structure of over 12,000 square meters, which contains the history of Faizanè and all the facilities for management, production and sales.

In 2018, the year in which it celebrated its 50th anniversary, Faizanè entered the world of professional cycling with Nippo-Fantini-Faizanè. The bicycle is only the latest in a long series of partnerships signed by the company in the sports world, after volleyball, ice and track hockey, snowboarding, football, rallying and running. Faizanè has also a remarkable commitment to the social fabric of which it is part, promoted through sport and cultural initiatives.