10.01.2017 · In evidence


Bardiani-CSF will be the first PRO-team wearing recovery socks made by The Wonderful Socks. Combining the PRO-Athletes knowledge, the touch of the brand and the Italian craftsmanship, TWS conceived a pioneering product dedicated to #GreenTeam.

A technical partner become essential for all the Pro-team cyclists (and for all those are committed to cycling). Made to help the recovery, these socks are optimal also to face your everyday trainings.

TWS recovery socks for Bardiani-CSF have a specific design: seventeen green dots on a marble gray background, supplied by the statement «pull your socks up». A concept inspired by the seventeen corridors that are taking on the next whole season working hard to reach their challenging targets.

When it happened the chance to work with a 100% Italian PRO-team, with the lower average age of the peloton, we grabbed it at once» says Riccardo Delconte Ceo of The Wonderful Socks. «This was a unique opportunity for us to create a product bespoke for all those who makes the performance his everyday work». Thanks to the Bardiani corridors expertise and to our style we made the #GreenTeam edition recovery socks, something new for our catalogue. Corridors will wear this unique partner after their races. Be closed to all these athletes is a further push to improve our knowledges».

By now, no one PRO-Athlete can turn down the recovery socks» says Roberto Reverberi, Bardiani-CSF team manager, «thanks to The Wonderful Socks we have a high quality performing product. Engaging, that attracts in design. We are happy to have found a partner like this, able to deeply understand the PRO-Cyclists needs and, meanwhile, capable to elate our sportive endeavour».

The brand:
The Wonderful Socks borns with sport and as a tribute to all the sports. A world of passion and technical skills. Moreover of agonism, unselfishness, struggle and sweat..
More will be the effort and bigger will be the reward. The design is well developed without compromise to be addressed to a discerning guest. Every Wonderful Sock is made in Italy, due to the hosiery factory craft tradition. Everything is produced to a high standard manufacturing to enhance best performances. We use first rate yarns only. Poplypropylene and Resistex® Carbon, high-tech fibers that are much more thermo-insulating than virgin wool. Together they spread the sweat out 167 times faster than cotton to guarantee the best performance in extreme circumstances. The keeness of TWS on the world of sports turned the brand in a kind of way of life.