It ends with an ITT the Race of two Seas. Canola has won the Mountain Jersey
La tappa di oggi per @enricobattaglin! @mcipollinibike @DedaElementi @PowerTap #TourduLimousin http://t.co/5VuV27r1qA2 Tappa #TourduLimousin: Trésillac - Grèez di 172km e 3.270m di dislivello. Arrivo su uno strappo di 4.3km al 5.4% http://t.co/kObvWj1SuZRT @Manuel700: Mamma mia che tappa😱senza un metro di pianura,ultimi 90 km #fullgas,non era adattissima a me ma comunque sono riuscito ad ar…RT @sonnycolbrelli: Come rientro alle corse non è male un bel capitombolo.... #infermeriaRisultai 1 Tappa #TourduLimousin 1 Leukemans (WGC) 4:22:25 16 @Manuel700 0:16 51 @edozardi 6:5474 @stefanopirazzi 17:42 77 @andreapiechele 94 @enricobattaglin 98 @sonnycolbrelli 99 @nicolaboem 111 @RuffoniNicola 19:54Subito una dura tappa al #TourduLimousin: 176km e 3.000m di dislivello. @Manuel700 migliore dei nostri 16°! R.R: http://t.co/d9DQNzIGAm#TourduLimousin started with a demanding stage and about 3.000m of vertical gain! @Manuel700 best ranked, 16th! R.R.: http://t.co/Ij6oHCWvCmPartenza 1 Tappa #TourduLimousin! | At the start of Stage 1. Go #Greenteam!! http://t.co/MgXHKnZeQ2Line-up #tourdulimousin: @enricobattaglin @nicolaboem @Manuel700 @andreapiechele @RuffoniNicola @sonnycolbrelli @stefanopirazzi @edozardiOggi 1 Tappa | Today Stage 1 #TourduLimousin: Limoges - Brive di 174.5km Live: http://t.co/1uRuVksrdw http://t.co/WTqB8ARvPQRT @Manuel700: Da domani si inizia la "campagna" francese...si parte con tour de Limousine,non vedo l ora di partire dopo tanto!! http://t.…Relax a Londra prima del volo per #Limoges - @tourdulimousin | On the way to #TourduLimousin #greenteam http://t.co/xn7Jl3yPRjAuguri di buon compleanno @Robbybici! Si può essere #Greenteam anche a 50 anni! | Happy B-day Roberto! http://t.co/v4jSxfFuNB#ICYMI Nel precedente Race Preview c’è anche un aggiornamento sull’infortunio di @barbenry http://t.co/m4O12eQ4P4 http://t.co/miNjIW5S4v#ICYMI In our previous Race Preview there’s an update about @barbenry injury: http://t.co/sc5TCyyHgiCon @tourdulimousin e Classic de l’Indre inizia la nostra lunga trasferta francese! Qui Race Preview: http://t.co/zgtvGFhRWb #greenteamNext week starts a long french race schedule. First events: @tourdulimousin and Classic de l’Indre. Our Race Preview: http://t.co/afP31pPjwiUn anno è passato ma tu sei sempre con noi | One year has gone but you are always with us. Riposa in pace Doriano. http://t.co/qAA8dSN9VtIncidente in allenamento per @barbenry. Tamponato da un auto è ora in ospedale per accertamenti. News: http://t.co/iBceg6yiUD

The today individual time trial of 9km on the promenade of San Benedetto del Tronto was won by Adriano Malori (MOV) in 10.13 minutes and with Marco Coledan 28th as best rider of #Greenteam, is finished the 49th edition of Tirreno – Adriatico, first 2014 italian World Tour event.  


The “Race of two Seas” showed a solid Bardiani – CSF Pro Team especially with the success of Marco Canola in the Mountains Classification, a result conquered thanks to a smart strategy planned by Sport Director Roberto Reverberi.


In fact discovered that every mountain sprints had the same score (five points), it was enough won all in the first two stages and then manage the following days thanks a great work by Canola’s teammates.






Marco Canola:”I really happy for this jersey got in a race so important like this. With Roberto Reverberi we studied the rule book before the start of the race and then we were able to do what planned. Of course a big part of the success is thanks to the stunning work made by the squad, with my teammates that supported me to bring until the end this jersey”.


Roberto Reverberi, Sport Director:”Canola’s victory is the right award for a positive Tirreno – Adriatico, where there were at the start the best world riders. We achieved some good stage results and stayed in front every day showing courage and the right attitude. We come out to this race in good condition and I’m sure we can improve before the next World Tour event, the Milano – Sanremo”.