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News  13 - 11 -2018
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Also filed the last trip to China, Bardiani-CSF can definitely put behind the 2018 season and start looking at what will be. Starting from the numbers, the #GreenTeam has played 43 races for a total of 152 days of competition.

He has reached three continents (Europe, Asia and South America) and sixteen countries. In just over nine months of competitions he has collected nine successes with six different riders: Mirco Maestri at the Tour of Rhodes (stage and final classification), Andrea Guardini at the Tour of Langkawi (two stages) and Tour of Hainan (stage), Giulio Ciccone at the Giro dell'Appennino, Alessandro Tonelli and Paolo Simion at the Tour of Croatia (one stage each) and Luca Wackermann at the Tour du Limousin (stage). there were 24 (11 second places and 13 thirds) while 69 places among the best ten.

To these results are added the conquest of the points jersey with Masters and the Tour of Rhodes team classification, the Tour de Langkawi points jersey with Guardini, the best young jersey at the Oberösterreichrundfahrt with Savini), the climbers' jersey at Tour Poitou-Charentes with Senni and the Tour of Slovakia with Ciccone.

"These numbers clearly state that we can be satisfied with the season," said Roberto Reverberi, Bardiani-CSF team manager. "We have won and we have managed to be protagonists in almost every race, the soul of our team has never failed."
"Results aside, the great goal that we pursue with the #GreenTeam project, even more important, is to enhance the Young people. And here too, we are convinced that we have succeeded in our intent. Year after year several runners have grown, improved and consecrated with success. "
"Believing in young people is our mantra and launching them to the highest level is the greatest satisfaction, as in the case of Ciccone, the last talent of a long list.

Our gaze is now projected towards 2019. We have retouched the staff with the insertion of three new talents such as Covili, Pessot and Romano and we are working to build a thick calendar ".

The first appointment of the Bardiani-CSF towards the new season is scheduled in early December, when the team will meet for a three-day meeting and preliminary activities.
The first athletic retreat is scheduled for January, a preamble to the seasonal debut.

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